Join The Village as one of the first 10 Members of 2021 and Receive 44% off of your Membership!

Sister, I get it...

You want to feel seen and valued for the magic you possess.

You're not interested in following a carbon copy image of what society tells you that you should be.

You know you're worthy of radical abundance in all areas of life, but you also want to make a huge impact with the overflow of abundance you receive.

You're a good woman who wants to do good things in the world.

You have your lows, but you don't wallow in your sorrows for longer than you need to transmute the pain into wisdom.

You value having strong womxn around you.

You're innately aware of the strength coursing through your veins, as a womxn yourself.

You have no interest in succumbing to the label of victim in this lifetime.

You allow your feelings to move through you like water, knowing resistance only deprives you of the growth you are so committed to.

You believe there is a solution to every problem, even if it takes more time to get there or more heads coming together to find a solution.

You believe that womxn are intrinsically good. There were times that old experiences with other sisters would leave you thinking otherwise, but you've evolved into the knowing that more times than not they were simply operating from their wounds.

You believe in equality, that freedom is every humans birthright when they are born.

You believe in loving this planet, and learning more ways to honor it.

You believe in redemption, for yourself and others.

You believe in compassion and loyalty.

You believe that making the world a better place, first begins with you.

You believe that the healing we do in this generation will lighten the load for the generations that follow.

You'd bet on your intuition over the opinion of others every time.

You're passionate about personal growth, sacred sexuality, conscious capitalism, spirituality, ancestry, the power of womxn working and learning together.

The Village is a space for a womxn like you.

A womxn who will be celebrated and respected for the unique and vital role she plays in her own life, and the collective as a whole.

The Village is a sacred space for sisters that want to lead this movement alongside me, a space for those passionate and value the importance of:

-Personal Growth


-Sacred Sexuality

-Vision Casting



-Conscious Capitalism

-And so much more...

The Village is currently hosted in a private Facebook group, as it provides the perfect forum for building tight connections through daily interactions.

There will be opportunities for you to support womxn that you believe in by circulating the money you invest or spend on purchases within our community, or if you have a business yourself, growing it within the collective with the support of your sisters.

You will also receive access to ALL of Shalako's self-awarenss / personal growth courses that you can only obtain access to when she hosts them within The Village. This includes: Co-Creating Like a Goddess, The Womben's Way, The Pleasure Quest, Spiritual Girl | Digital World, Building An Ancestry Altar, Human+Holy, and one brand new release at the end of the year! Valued at over $2,000 when purchased separately!

We kick off with Co-Creating Like a Goddess the first full week of January!

In addition, there will be pop up workshops, giveaways, and virtual Night's of Sistering throughout the year!

Not only that, but as a member of The Village, you will also receive 10% off any new Shalako LaLoba business courses or live events hosted in 2021!

This membership is valued at, at least 10 times the monthly cost when listed at it's full price of $99/m, but for the first 10 members that join in 2021, you'll receive 44% off monthly for the lifetime of your membership bringing it down to $55 per month!

I look forward to welcoming you to The Village with open arms, sister.

With Love,

Shalako LaLoba

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As one of the first 10 members to join in 2021, you'll be saving 44% off your membership fees before they go up to $99 per month.

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