So often, I have womxn and clients ask me how it is that I have cultivated such a soul aligned community of sisters.

And I tell them they'll find their soul sisters in the same way that are able to find aligned love in romance.

The connections you are seeking are in the places where your deepest priorities in relationship are the norm.

You long for deep, intimate connections with womxn that are passionate about personal growth, supporting one another, spirituality, creating a life that oozes abundance, full of integrity, and celebrates her wild as much as she does her ability to manifest her desires?

Me too!

Well, where do womxn like these congregate?

In ceremony, in courses, in group programs, in retreats, etc.

Which is exactly why The Soul Medicine Sisterhood was created.

A space where soul sisters find the sisters they have been seeking and the community to hold them through all of the seasons of life.

A place to grow, honor the authentic embodiment of their fellow sister, and transform their lives alongside one another.

12 months of building the foundation for lifelong relationships while cultivating a level of self-awareness you only dreamed was possible so you can expand into the life that is your birthright!

Each of us have a unique essence, and with that, unique codes that we carry.

We each carry powerful medicine, that when uncovered, allows us to create a life that we've always longed for.

Have you lost aspects of yourself through your journey of motherhood?

Or relinquished pieces of yourself over the years in order to ruffle less feathers or appease others?

The majority of the world, especially womxn, are operating from a place of their programming versus a grounded state of self-awareness.

As womxn we've spent our entire lives bending to the point of almost breaking in order to take up less space, not be too loud, too pretty, less pretty, too much, not enough.

No wonder we've forgotten some of our magic along the way.

That piece of you that's felt hungry for more, but always has this underlying feeling that something is off or missing, it's because something is off.

Something is missing.

The pieces of you that you've tamed or manufactured over your life.

Imagine an entire YEAR devote to YOU.

To your growth.

To elevating your abundance.

To embodying more of your sacred feminine.

To connecting with the type of womxn you desire to call sisters.

To committing to putting yourself first so that you can be even more magical and impactful with those you love and come in contact with.

You won't be a new you.

You'll simply be more you than you've ever been...

It feels comfortable to keep going through the motions.

Every so often I catch myself thinking, "Gosh, this commitment to growth isn't for the faint of heart. It would be so easy to go back to when I wasn't aware of all the ways I was limiting and dishonoring myself. Can I really do this for the rest of my life?"

But we can't unknow what we know to be true.

And if you're destined to be a part of The Soul Medicine Sisterhood, then deep in your heart you know that looking back on a life of simply coasting versus a life that you sucked every last drop out of will be the biggest regret of all.

Looking at our babies, knowing that the soul work we do in this life leaves the burden for them to transmute that much less burdensome.

Looking in the mirror, knowing that the womxn we see looking back deserves to feel what it means to be fully self-aware, abundant, evolved, and embodied in her divine essence.

And knowing the world deserves it too.

If you're passionate about expansion and epic transformation in all areas of life The Soul Medicine Sisterhood is for you...

What you receive over the 12 months:

-12 Month Access to the Private VIP Facebook Community ($660 value)

-The Womben’s Way Course (Half Live, Half Pre-Recorded) ($555 value)

-Sacred Sisterhood Journey ($222 value)

-NEW COURSE Love + Sovereignty (Live) ($777 value)

-Human + Holy (Half Live, Half Pre-Recorded) ($888 value)

-Pleasure Quest (Recorded) ($222 value)

-12 Days of Sis-Mas ($1,000+ value)

-The Soul Medicine Sis-Mas Party (Live) ($500+ value)

-2022 Intentions + Vibes Masterclass (Live) ($111 value)

-Co-Creating Like a Goddess (Live) ($888 value)

-In person Soul Medicine Sisterhood Goddess Day event July 2021 ($333 value)

-Option to become a Soul Medicine Sisterhood affiliate earning 44% commission (ability to earn your investment back and then some)

-Ability to earn the "Sister of the Month" ($1,200 value)

-Any additional self-awareness courses I might launch within the 12 months

Total Value over $7,356 for the year, but your investment won't even be a quarter of that!

SOUL-AR RETURN Special Investment Options




By joining at the SOUL-AR RETURN investment price, you're able to invest in your year of The Soul Medicine Sisterhood at a third of the price!





By joining at the SOUL-AR RETURN investment price, you're able to invest for less than a quarter of the typical full price!