I have this dream of awakening womxn into their fullest potential...

Not simply embodying the potential they already envision for themselves, but opening their eyes to the UNLIMITED potential coursing through their veins and holding their hand as they actualize it in their own reality.

I see these womxn leaping with faith towards every single one of their heart's desires because they trust that they are always...

I repeat, ALWAYS...

Supported by something that is greater than them.

And maybe even more important than that, that they can fully trust and have faith in themselves to trust their intuition and build the life and business that they've only dreamed of.

After this year of isolation and reflection, it became apparent that I desire massive intimacy in all areas and all relationships, including those with my private clients.

I desire penetrative, balls deep, nitty gritty devotion to a common goal / intention with my client and to walk side by side as sisters as we lay the foundation to actualize it.

I'm not a 1 night stand kinda girl.

I'm looking for eye gazing, soul acquainting, intimate growth.

This is how Queens of the Quantum was born.

This isn't just to call in private clients to me.

This is a call to the Universe to bring me my true SOUL SISTERS.

A little bit spiritual, a little bit rock n roll, and a whole lot of passion for squeezing the most out of this life and making a massive impact on the world with the work they do, and calling in quantum levels of abundance through their business along a group of soul sisters!

Continue reading if you feel like I'm talking to you, babe...


This 6 month container is for the womxn that have been doing the soul work for some time but courses just aren't cutting it.

This is for those souls craving something so much more intimate, and so much more next level than ever before...

Something QUANTUM.

It's for the womxn that desire to be held, listened to, supported, celebrated.

But those who have already relinquished all their victimhood stories and are committed to true sovereignty and stepping into the beliefs of limitless possibility.

The womxn longing for 1:1 support, deep soul sister connections with womxn that inspire them to grow too, next level accountability in quantum leaping in all areas of life - business, money mindset, love, self-awareness, feminine embodiment, friendship, and everything in between.

It's for the womxn whose standards are expanding into limitless abundance, pleasure, sensuality, and sacred sisterhood.

It's for those that trust that their intuition, and working with the natural rhythms of her feminine nature, are the gateways to awakening into her higher potential, but haven't quite integrated this knowing fully.

It's 6 months in which I, Shalako, and 6 other soul sisters will be working with you in a super intimate container with a combination of 1:1 and group support, where by January 2022, you won't even recognize the life, relationship paradigms, and business you've expanded into.

You will have access to me throughout each week as you move through any resistance, to be your sister, to know that you are fully supported and that you have someone there with you to lean on as you burn away old patterns and replace them with new.

You'll also have a close group of sisters that are on similar paths as you, passionate about quantum expansion in all areas of life and business, that you will be able to bounce ideas off of and gain inspiration and support from and potentially creating long lasting friendships with.

To put it simply, this is for the womxn that wants to be able to walk into a room and her presence is felt in an instant because her essence is that potent. And not just that, she wants to experience at least 6 months with 7 babes vibin' on an aligned frequency by her side.

It is a combination of:

-18 x 1 hour zoom meetings ($5,994 value)

-6 Months of Group Voxer support ($5,994 value)

-7 Group Zoom Calls (1 every 4 weeks) ($1,554 value)

-Access to my newest course Launching with Vibes + Vision, as well as my course Co-Creating Like a Goddess ($1,665 value)

-The option to be a Shalako LaLoba LLC affiliate earning over 40% commissions

-A 3 night/2 day sensual sisterhood mini retreat with all things sensuality, abundance, bliss, and a juicy photoshoot in which you'll be included in the first ever Spiritual Girl | Digital World Calendar including your info so those that get a copy of it, get your info on how to find you and your work! Yup you're finally going to be that calendar girl that you've always dreamed of ;) ($2,999 value)

Total value: $18,206+

But in the Birthday Blowout Sale, it's not even a quarter of that!


For the sisters that are looking to get away for some brainstorming, girl time, photoshoot play, and celebration, all the ladies that join Queens of the Quantum will have the option to attend a weekend away in Nashville, TN early December 2021.

We'll be staying at The Dive Motel, a retro, 70's inspired hotel in the heart of Nashville for two nights and one full day. You can check out more photos on their website here:


We will have a professional photographer, props to play with, and I'll be busting out my old makeup artist skills to assist in any of your retro beauty needs!

Only thing not included is your travel!

You'll be able to use the photos in your business if you are a business owner or just keep them as a reminder of your devotion to living in the realm of limitless possibilities, as well as be included in the Spiritual Girl | Digital World Calendar as a Spiritual Girl of the Month (ex: Miss January, Miss February, etc)!

If you're longing to be in the energy of other Quantum level babes too, you're not going to want to miss this weekend!

Only 7 spots available total.

Apply For the Queens of the Quantum Mastermind:

In order to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD Investment Price, your application must be received before the end of 4/30/2021

Shalako LaLoba

Self-Awareness Mentor | Intuitive Business Coach | Sacred Feminine Healer:

Shalako is the founder of the Spiritual Girl | Digital World practices and will be holding you through the duration of the 6 month-long initiation, and weekend in Nashville.

Passionate about freedom, abundance, integrity, play, self awareness, sacred femininity, and legacy, Shalako was born to guide others into more alignment with their own interpretation of these principles, while holding space for you to remember your most authentic essence through cultivating a deeper connection with your intuition, to Spirit, and your own divinity as you manifest the business your soul is yearning for.

With nearly 8 years serving others, she's honored to have walked alongside hundreds of womxn on their journey to coming home to self and looks forward to doing the same for you.




This extended, bi-weekly payment plan allows you to claim one of the 7 Private Client spots for only $366 down!





The monthly payment plan is our most popular investment option as it allows you to break your payments down but with less frequent investments than the bi-weekly option!





By choosing the Pay In Full option during the birthday sale, you're able to claim your spot for 60% off the full price investment to join!