HUMAN+HOLY Costa Rica Immersion Retreat

You were born both human AND holy, but so many of us don't fully acknowledge and, then in turn, embody the absolute miracle that we are.

This is where HUMAN+HOLY comes in...

This is for the womxn that have been doing the soulwork for years and can feel that they are on the precipice of massive change. Those that are meant to show up in a big way and make a lasting impact on the world but aren’t exactly where they desire to be, or where they thought they would be at this point in their lives.


Maybe you find yourself signing up for programs and trying on different spiritual practices, embodying teachings from your mentors, but nothing feels 100% YOU. You feel like you're in a form of imitation, not truly integrated in the way that will have you beaming with confidence like you know that you are capable of. This is because the answers have been within you all along. THIS journey will help you to uncover what's always been right there, but you haven't quite been able to see clearly.


This is for the womxn who don’t get discouraged by the soul work ahead of them. They’ve been excavating through their self-limiting beliefs and doing the shadow integration for years, but they desire a quantum leap in expansion. They can feel that massive shift in remembering who they are at their most pure essence right around the corner, and they are ready to sprint to that next spiritual milestone in order to remember her...


The womxn who is oh so human, but incredibly HOLY.


This is for the sisters passionate about cultivating a lifelong sisterhood with like-minded womxn, and those that pride themselves on holding space for vulnerability and authenticity with one another and in their own communities. No judgement of a fellow sister. The womxn embarking on this journey understand how damaging that is to the soulwork we are called to do in healing ourselves and the collective...


If this resonates for you, sister, I'd love to lock arms on an immersive journey in the jungles of Costa Rica...


Are you ready to expand into your most holy essence?

Costa Rica Retreat

As far as the actual retreat goes…

Mmm, it’ll be out of a dream.

7 days and 6 nights October 22-28th, at Finca Mia Resort in Costa Rica.

Think greenery, lush forests every which way you look, and majestic mountains surrounding you.

This week together will be all about soaking up the sacred sisterhood with tears, laughter, play, ritual, embodiment practices, ancestral healing, eating yummy organic meals, healing through movement, art, and meditation, and soaking up the medicine that is Mama Gaia.

Throughout your week of immersion, we will go into an array of practices from cultivating self awareness through archetypal embodiment with the Maiden/Mother/Crone, tantric breast massage, movement medicine, sacred plants medicine ceremonies, and so much more!

This retreat will be something you cherish for the rest of your life, along with the soul sister friendships you make along the way!

EVERYTHING, besides your travel expenses and any additional things you desire to buy or do during your free time, is included in the price! Meals, your stay, etc. While your flight is not included, there will be a shuttle to pick you up and take you to the retreat location!

Investment Options:

Split Payment Option

$1,777 x 2


You can choose to make your second payment on or before October 1st, 2021 - if you wish to make it before October 1st, simply email [email protected].

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Choose to pay in full and save the most off of your investment!

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Shalako LaLoba

Self-Awareness Mentor | Intuitive Business Coach | Sacred Feminine Healer:

Shalako is the founder of the Spiritual Girl | Digital World practices and will be your host and the main facilitator for the duration of the retreat. She will be walking you through massive expansion rooted in the medicines of your ancestral lineages, assist you in integrating your mother and sister wounds, and holding space for you to further ascend into your holy essence.

With nearly 8 years serving others, she's be honored to walk with hundreds of womxn on their journey to remembering their divinity and looks forward to doing the same for you.


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